SB 1453 Revision of Titles 45.1 and 67. Introduced by: John S. Edwards | all patrons … notes | add to my profiles SUMMARY AS INTRODUCED: Revision of Titles 45.1 and 67. Creates proposed Title 45.2 (Mines, Minerals, and Energy) as a revision of existing Title 45.1 (Mines and Mining) and existing Title 67 (Virginia Energy Plan). Proposed Title 45.2 consists of 21 chapters divided into five subtitles: Subtitle I (Administration), Subtitle II (Coal Mining), Subtitle III (Mineral Mines), Subtitle IV (Gas and Oil), and Subtitle V (Other Sources of Energy; Energy Policy). The bill organizes the laws in a more logical manner, removes obsolete and duplicative provisions, and improves the structure and clarity of statutes pertaining to the administration of the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, underground and surface coal mining, underground an