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Constitutional amendment (first reference); executive power; state of emergency; special session. Limits the authority of the Governor to issue an executive order declaring a state of emergency that restricts, limits, or prohibits otherwise lawful action by a private business, nonprofit entity, or individual for a period more than 45 days in duration without approval by the General Assembly. The Governor is required to convene a special session for the purpose of the General Assembly approving the extension of such executive order beyond the forty-fifth day after its original issuance and if the General Assembly does not approve such extension, the Governor is prohibited from issuing a subsequent executive order in the same form for the same declared emergency. The General Assembly is permitted to extend the executive order to a date requested by the Governor or to a date of the General Assembly’s choosing, but it shall not approve the extension to a date beyond the first full week of the next regular session of the General Assembly, unless such date is requested by the Governor.