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Absentee voting; unsolicited absentee ballot applications; required information. Requires any individual or organization sending an application for an absentee ballot to a registered voter that was not solicited or requested by the registered voter to include with the application instructions on completing the application and submitting it to the appropriate general registrar. The bill requires a statement that the application is not being sent by any state or local government official or agency on the envelope containing the application or on the first page of any enclosed materials. Such individuals and organizations are required to use the information provided in the list of registered voters acquired by such individual or organization from the Department of Elections pursuant to law, and a violation of this requirement is a Class 4 misdemeanor. The bill requires the Department of Elections to ensure, when providing the list of registered voters to such individual or organization for purposes of sending unsolicited absentee ballot applications, that no voter is included on the list provided if such voter has applied for an absentee ballot on or before the date the list is requested.